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Soul of the Harvest


# Decks Record Win % 5–0s
10 17–22 43.6

Most Commonly Played With


This deck is currently Penny Dreadful legal.

  • Penny Dreadful
  • Penny Dreadful AKH (Season 4)
  • Penny Dreadful EMN (Season 1)
  • Vintage
  • Legacy
  • Modern
  • Commander
  • Frontier
  • 1v1
  • Duel

Decks containing Soul of the Harvest

Colors Name Person Archetype Source Record Top 8 Date
Big Green sdepaoli Midrange League 3–2 1 week ago
Mono Green nitiyoubi Midrange League 1–1 Mar 25th
Mono Green nitiyoubi Mono Green Stompy League 0–2 Mar 25th
Bond Green nitiyoubi Mono Green Stompy League 3–2 Mar 25th
Nikya tchitcherine Midrange League 3–2 Mar 5th
Nikya tchitcherine Midrange Gatherling 2–2 Mar 4th
Nikya tchitcherine Midrange League 2–3 Mar 3rd
Druids ascruffmcgruffin Aggro-Combo League 1–4 Feb 1st
Curio nerdyjoe Midrange League 2–3 Jan 25th
Curio nerdyjoe Midrange League 0–1 Jan 25th