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Sunscourge Champion

Disadvantageous bug Sunscourge Champion will cause you to lose life if it has negative power when its trigger resolves.


# Decks Record Win % 5–0s
7 14–8 63.6

Most Commonly Played With


This deck is currently Penny Dreadful legal.

  • Penny Dreadful
  • Vintage
  • Legacy
  • Modern
  • Commander
  • Frontier
  • Penny
  • Duel

Decks containing Sunscourge Champion

Colors Name Person Archetype Source Record Top 8 Date
2 active league runs
Bant Eternalize greenty Midrange League 0–2 3 weeks ago
Azorius Gpg fuguee Midrange League 4–1 3 weeks ago
Bant Eternalize greenty Midrange League 4–1 3 weeks ago
Murica Control petros_mtg Jeskai Control League 1–2 3 weeks ago
What Is This petros_mtg Esper Control League 4–1 3 weeks ago