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Penny Dreadful. The ultra-budget, 10,000-card Magic Online brewer's paradise with powerful cards, five free weekly tournaments, free 24/7 league, prizes, quarterly rotations, and a super friendly community.

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Colors Name Person Record Top 8 Date Season
Azorius Aggro-Control bakert99 2–2 Oct 1st S6
★★★ Soldier Stompy crazybaloth 7–0 Oct 1st S6
★★ Burn xinlisupreme 5–2 Oct 1st S6
★★ Mono Red simplylol 4–2 Oct 1st S6
★★ Little Kid Selesnya johnniebegoode 4–2 Oct 1st S6
Burn erburk 3–2 Oct 1st S6
Unclassified littlefield 3–2 Oct 1st S6
Mind Bogling crimsonmage 3–2 Oct 1st S6
Anti-Rdw pixywing 4–1 Oct 1st S6
Tdw seasisk12321 3–1 Oct 1st S6
Combo New Perspective eugensus 3–1 Oct 1st S6
Mono Red Deck Tries arigal 2–2 Oct 1st S6
Azorius Heroic nighthawk521 2–2 Oct 1st S6
Splendid Bant briar_moss 2–2 Oct 1st S6
Red Deck Wins mathguy31415 2–2 Oct 1st S6
Soldiers and Tell edango09 2–2 Oct 1st S6
Mono Red Deck Loses genderi 2–2 Oct 1st S6
Dredge Reanimator midwestlunatic 2–2 Oct 1st S6
New Perspectives bigm 2–2 Oct 1st S6
Mono White Weenies soulsystem 1–2 Oct 1st S6
Devoid Control isvan 1–2 Oct 1st S6
Netdeckwins leszczu 1–3 Oct 1st S6
Infect Dimir mastereon 1–3 Oct 1st S6
New Perspectives kdrakari 1–3 Oct 1st S6
Maniac-Less Red Maniac (4 Color) jdogg2k4 1–3 Oct 1st S6
Izzet Control trevor3693 1–2 Oct 1st S6
Run Like Hell mandrakata 1–2 Oct 1st S6
Beginner Burn yannick_26 1–3 Oct 1st S6
Golgari Counter cydnus 0–2 Oct 1st S9S7S6
Pd6 17 1 10 lovetapsmtg 0–3 Oct 1st S9S6
Azorius Defense of the Homeland gliffendor 0–2 Oct 1st S8S7S6
Dimir Control juvenenses 0–1 Oct 1st S6