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Penny Dreadful. The ultra-budget, 10,000-card Magic Online brewer's paradise with powerful cards, five free weekly tournaments, free 24/7 league, prizes, quarterly rotations, and a super friendly community.

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Colors Name Person Record Top 8 Date Season
So Many Cards to Play So Little Time, Le pixywing 1–1 Nov 2nd S6
Dimir Unclassified stiltskin88 0–2 Nov 2nd S6S4
Izzet Control mathguy31415 0–2 Nov 2nd S6
Dimir Control holica 0–1 Nov 2nd S6
★★★ Odric dragonas77 6–1 Nov 2nd S6
★★ Demonic Rising V2 eduardo-bianchi 4–3 Nov 2nd S6
★★ Mono White Heroic erburk 4–2 Nov 2nd S6
★★ Acid-Wave eugensus 3–3 Nov 2nd S6
Dimir Reanimator bakert99 4–1 Nov 2nd S6
Devoid Cruelty briar_moss 3–2 Nov 2nd S6
Heroic jackslagel 3–2 Nov 2nd S6
Azorius Control landonpeanut 4–1 Nov 2nd S6
Dimir Control wiltay0494 2–2 Nov 2nd S6S4
Mono White Aggro stash86 2–2 Nov 2nd S6
P Red Win 5 golden_lin 2–2 Nov 2nd S6
Do Do Do Do🎵 silasary 2–2 Nov 2nd S6
More Prowess psymar 1–1 Nov 2nd S6
Token Rites V1 1 back_alley_g 1–3 Nov 2nd S6
Mono Red mtghinson 0–2 Nov 2nd S6
Boros Armory gliffendor 0–4 Nov 2nd S6
Hypergenesis adambueller2 0–2 Nov 2nd S6