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Penny Dreadful. The ultra-budget, 10,000-card Magic Online brewer's paradise with powerful cards, five free weekly tournaments, free 24/7 league, prizes, quarterly rotations, and a super friendly community.

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Colors Name Person Record Top 8 Date Season
Pollute the Planet v 1 03 pixywing 2–2 Jan 22nd S7
I Stole This Decklist starbuck_backspace 1–2 Jan 22nd S7
★★★ Rakdos Goblins ribbonsofnight 6–1 Jan 22nd S7
★★ Animate Combo eshakez 5–2 Jan 22nd S7
★★ Eldrazi Reanimator trevor3693 5–1 Jan 22nd S7
★★ Rakdos Goblins crimsonmage 4–2 Jan 22nd S7
Temur Ascendancy adambueller2 3–2 Jan 22nd S7S6
Zombies kaios26 4–1 Jan 22nd S7
Izzet Post honorbound84 3–2 Jan 22nd S7
Odric Keywords dragonas77 3–2 Jan 22nd S7
Temur Unclassified stash86 2–2 Jan 22nd S7S6
Mardu Dynavolt Burn thelonesun 2–2 Jan 22nd S7
Mono Black Control nml 2–2 Jan 22nd S7
Feroz * Team Perú tobon 2–2 Jan 22nd S7S6
Goblins hexalite 2–2 Jan 22nd S7
Mono White Durdle silasary 2–2 Jan 22nd S7
Dimirvolt insan3_ 2–2 Jan 22nd S7
Mardu Life briar_moss 2–2 Jan 22nd S7
Rakdos Goobers vanillove 2–2 Jan 22nd S7
No Sphinx slackeriii 1–3 Jan 22nd S7
Boros Giant Control 13eakers 1–0 Jan 22nd S7
Gruul Madness wereling 1–2 Jan 22nd S7
Zombiess7 metalatog 1–3 Jan 22nd S7
Smokestack fred_dettofano 0–2 Jan 22nd S7
Mono Red hugocalean 0–1 Jan 22nd S6
Temur Thing thearmadillo 0–2 Jan 22nd S7S6
Domain littanana 0–3 Jan 22nd S7
Izzet Control parkslope 0–4 Jan 22nd S7
Tgower's Reanimator seasisk12321 0–2 Jan 22nd S7