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Penny Dreadful. The ultra-budget, 10,000-card Magic Online brewer's paradise with powerful cards, five free weekly tournaments, free 24/7 league, prizes, quarterly rotations, and a super friendly community.

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Colors Name Person Record Top 8 Date Season
★★ Izzet Counter-Burn honorbound84 4–2 Jan 25th S7
Mardu Life briar_moss 2–2 Jan 25th S7
★★★ Spike Midrange thundershot899 6–1 Jan 25th S7
★★ Zombiess7 metalatog 6–1 Jan 25th S7
★★ Fake-Rack crimsonmage 4–2 Jan 25th S7
Temur Ascendancy adambueller2 3–2 Jan 25th S7S6
Temur Temur Ascendancy yellowvanblake 3–2 Jan 25th S7S6
Jeskai-Con criptyc91 3–2 Jan 25th S7
Everyone to Stables n3th89 3–2 Jan 25th S7
Dimir Millcrank spitkikker 2–2 Jan 25th S7
Mono Black Control nml 2–2 Jan 25th S7
Bate Bate murilobds 2–2 Jan 25th S7
Azorius Stormy Skies ashamael 2–2 Jan 25th S7
7 - Blue Devotion crazybaloth 2–2 Jan 25th S7
Rakdos Unclassified stash86 2–2 Jan 25th S7
Dimir Bounce Combo outcastpython 2–2 Jan 25th S7
Zombies kaios26 2–1 Jan 25th S7
Izzet Dynavolt einstein9998 1–2 Jan 25th S7
Odric Keywords dragonas77 1–3 Jan 25th S7
Kithkin shomoccasin 1–3 Jan 25th S7
Naya Unclassified thearmadillo 1–3 Jan 25th S7
Azorius Cruising on Vapors trevor3693 1–0 Jan 25th S7
Bad gangstapasta 0–1 Jan 25th S7S6
Dragonas77's Odric hetfield881 0–3 Jan 25th S7
Red Deck Wins wiltay0494 0–2 Jan 25th S7
Rofellos Umbral Mantle pseudodude 0–4 Jan 25th S7
Goblins paullonex Jan 25th S7