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Penny Dreadful. The ultra-budget, 10,000-card Magic Online brewer's paradise with powerful cards, five free weekly tournaments, free 24/7 league, prizes, quarterly rotations, and a super friendly community.

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Colors Name Person Record Top 8 Date Season
★★★ Pollute the Planet v 1 1 pixywing 6–2 Feb 1st S7
★★ Azorius Control briar_moss 7–1 Feb 1st S7
★★ Persisting gangstapasta 5–2 Feb 1st S7
★★ Rix - Izzlixir xigotdeadx 4–3 Feb 1st S7
Mono Black Control nml 4–2 Feb 1st S7
Phage's Whisper stash86 3–3 Feb 1st S7
Mono Green seasisk12321 4–2 Feb 1st S7
Mardu Changeling crazybaloth 4–2 Feb 1st S7
Mono White Durdle silasary 3–2 Feb 1st S7
Golgari Aristocrats ribbonsofnight 3–2 Feb 1st S7
Orzhov-Persist yellowvanblake 3–2 Feb 1st S7
Spike Midrange treeek22 3–2 Feb 1st S7
Mgr2 nighthawk521 3–2 Feb 1st S7
Zombies pseudodude 3–2 Feb 1st S7
Izzet Dynavolt branthemuffinman 2–3 Feb 1st S7
Howltooth Reanimator trevor3693 2–2 Feb 1st S7
Mono White Heroic metalatog 2–3 Feb 1st S7
Bugabuse criptyc91 2–1 Feb 1st S7
Temur Ascendancy adambueller2 2–3 Feb 1st S7S6
Spike Midrange thundershot899 1–2 Feb 1st S7
Red Deck Wins 2 0 outcastpython 1–2 Feb 1st S7
Mono White Kithkin shomoccasin 1–3 Feb 1st S7
Ramp stiltskin88 1–3 Feb 1st S7S6S5
Caravan Control V1 1 back_alley_g 1–2 Feb 1st S7
Mono Blue Storm wiltay0494 1–1 Feb 1st S7
Monumental Ignus thearmadillo 1–4 Feb 1st S7
Rakdos-Goblins unstablewedgie 0–1 Feb 1st S7
Jund Jund rakura 0–1 Feb 1st S7
Fake-Rack crimsonmage 0–2 Feb 1st S7
Grixis Control spitkikker 0–3 Feb 1st S7
Sac hetfield881 0–3 Feb 1st S7
E n3th89 0–2 Feb 1st S7