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Penny Dreadful. The ultra-budget, 10,000-card Magic Online brewer's paradise with powerful cards, five free weekly tournaments, free 24/7 league, prizes, quarterly rotations, and a super friendly community.

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Colors Name Person Record Top 8 Date Season
★★★ I Mean, Hermit Time! smashing centaur 7–0 Apr 7th S7
★★ Jund New nighthawk521 5–2 Apr 7th S7
★★ Esper Blink ribbonsofnight 4–2 Apr 7th S7
★★ Full Flex mrsad 3–3 Apr 7th S7
Token Rites back_alley_g 3–2 Apr 7th S7
Rojo nangurus 3–2 Apr 7th S7
Simic Yard V5 pscioed 2–3 Apr 7th S7
Sultai Gorger Control hewhospeakstohimself 2–3 Apr 7th S7
Mono White Guys rowdylemon 2–2 Apr 7th S7S6
Dimir Unclassified pixywing 2–1 Apr 7th S7
I Need a Hero ar13mis 2–2 Apr 7th S7
Elves crazybaloth 2–2 Apr 7th S7
Abzan Magister pseudodude 2–2 Apr 7th S7
Mono Blue Stacks 13eakers 2–1 Apr 7th S7
Sac Em All g_wiz 1–3 Apr 7th S7
Temur Again bigm 1–2 Apr 7th S7
Mono White Combat firewolf250 1–3 Apr 7th S7
Kithkin zeke97 0–2 Apr 7th S7
Mill-Lock-Gorger merawder 0–2 Apr 7th S7
Worldgorger Mill thundershot899 0–2 Apr 7th S7
Mono White Hoeroic jatienza4 0–1 Apr 7th S7