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Penny Dreadful. The ultra-budget, 10,000-card Magic Online brewer's paradise with powerful cards, five free weekly tournaments, free 24/7 league, prizes, quarterly rotations, and a super friendly community.

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Colors Name Person Record Top 8 Date Season
★★★ Temur Again bigm 4–1 Apr 8th S7
★★ Esper Blink emerald000 3–2 Apr 8th S7
★★ Zombies spujika 1–2 Apr 8th S7
★★ Accord pseudodude 2–2 Apr 8th S7
Jund Grenzo bakert99 2–0 Apr 8th S7
Mono Green chronolith 1–1 Apr 8th S7
Boros Dwarves octopusjelly 1–2 Apr 8th S7
Temur Ascendancy armadillosquared 1–1 Apr 8th S7
Elves whamwich 1–1 Apr 8th S7
Human Reanimator j_meka 0–3 Apr 8th S7
Mono White Aggro silasary Apr 8th S7