Penny Dreadful Magic

Solar Flare Tog by erburk





Mana Costs


Competition Record Top 8 OMW
League November 2017 4–1 32%
Result Versus Opponent Date
2–0 Azorius Birds ribbonsofnight 1 week ago
2–0 Run1 lovetapsmtg 1 week ago
0–2 Devoid of Cruelty back_alley_g 1 week ago
2–1 Rakdos Aggro slatemouse84492 1 week ago
2–0 Beware of Dog corusmaximus 1 week ago

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Colors Name Person Source Record Top 8 Date Similarity Season
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★★ Esper Reanimator nijgnuoy16 Gatherling 4–2 Aug 7th 22% S5
Esper Reanimator nijgnuoy16 League 0–1 Aug 5th 22% S5


Created: 1 week ago

Archetype: Esper Control

Source: League

Export: Magic Online (txt)

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Solar Flare Tog is currently Penny Dreadful legal.