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Lega MTGO Traders

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Each league lasts roughly a month. The current league will run until August 1st.

You can sign up at any time.

When you complete a five match league run for the first time ever you will get 1 tik credit with MTGO Traders (at the end of the month). This credit will appear when you trade with one of their bots on Magic Online.

Una Lega si gioca contro cinque mazzi o avversari differenti.

Il tuo mazzo resta lo stesso durante i match della Lega, ma puoi cambiare mazzo per ogni nuova Lega (o rigiocare con lo stesso mazzo).

Puoi competere in una sola Lega contemporaneamente.

If you don't want to finish a league run message !retire to PDBot on Magic Online or retire via the website and your run will end.

Your deck will be checked for legality when you sign up.

The easiest way to sign up is to export your deck from Magic Online and then upload it or copy it into the sign up page.

Per esportare il mazzo da Magic Online, fai click con il tasto destro nel mouse sul nome del mazzo (a sinistra della Collection), poi scegli Esporta.

PDBot will report your match result if it is watching your match but if not the winner should report the result of the match.

Make sure you have the right deck name for both you and your opponent before submitting. Report any problems on Discord.

Please do not report "non-games" such as your opponent timing out without ever deciding whether to mulligan or not.

Please note the rules about playing cards with bugs.


At the end of each month, the top eight players of that month's league scoreboard will get credit with MTGO Traders (6/4/3/2/1/1/1/1). This credit will appear when you trade with one of their bots on Magic Online.

Per ogni incontro che vinci, ricevi un punto. Per ogni punteggio "perfetto" di Lega (5-0) ricevi un'altro punto in più.

Puoi far giocare quante Lega vuoi.

Trova un Avversario

The easiest way to find a match to to simply play PD games with your league deck. PDBot will alert you if both players are registered in league. Add "Penny Dreadful League" in a comment on your match in Constructed, Specialty, Freeform Tournament Practice to make your intentions clear.

You can also find opponents through the #league channel on Discord.

I matches utilizzano tempi di 25 minuti per games.

Matches must Allow Watchers so the PDBot can join them.

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