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Deck Opponent Opponent's Deck Result Competition Date MTGO Log
Gruul Stompy hboc22 Multi 2–0 League Feb 9th 226105550
Gruul Stompy lorcec Vampre 2–1 League Feb 9th 226104632
Gruul Stompy jaceerasure Golgari Explore 1–2 League Feb 9th
Gruul Stompy madman_quail Dimir Fliers 3 2–1 League Feb 9th
Gruul Stompy wappla Gate Xerox 1–2 League Feb 8th 226087385
Gruul Stompy murpady Reanimator 0–2 League Feb 7th 226057636
Gruul Stompy greenty Curry Knights 1–2 League Feb 7th
Gruul Stompy placebo Gate6 0–2 League Feb 7th 226056842
Gruul Stompy habrikio Rhino Storm 2–1 League Feb 5th 225989562
Gruul Stompy archangal Knights 0–2 League Feb 4th
Gruul Stompy tommycakes Dimir Control 1–2 League Jan 31st 225868089
Gruul Stompy mangum Gatecrasher 2–1 League Jan 31st 225864654
Gruul Stompy kwww Rakdon't 2–1 League Jan 31st 225860733
Gruul Stompy tri-game-wizard Fancy Fog 0–2 League Jan 31st 225844157
Gruul Stompy jenkin5630 Izzet Ponza 2–0 League Jan 30th 225816064
Selesnya Astral carmandor Mono White Tokens 1–2 League Jan 27th
Selesnya Astral moosewerk Izzet Tokens 1–2 League Jan 26th 225685531
Selesnya Astral jenkin5630 Triumph of Cruelty 2–0 League Jan 26th 225684997
Selesnya Astral md_bowhunter Dimir Control 2–1 League Jan 25th 225677416
Selesnya Astral duckoforegon Jund Food 0–2 League Jan 25th 225672741