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Deck Opponent Opponent's Deck Result Competition Date MTGO Log
Prison wizzardofoz Golgari Storm 0–2 League 1 week ago 259108123
Prison 2for1for2 Jeskai Haups 0–2 League 1 week ago 259107238
Curses! 2for1for2 Kiln Fiend 0–2 League 1 week ago 258991042
Curses! loepoe71 Rakdos Anvil 0–2 League 1 week ago 258956395
Curses! landonpeanut Tempered Steel 0–2 League 1 week ago 258948859
Curses! pobodys_nerfect Ponza 2–1 League 1 week ago 258944390
Curses! quiritim SDFGHJ 1–2 League 1 week ago 258944095
Curses! erbley Midrange Again 2–0 League 2 weeks ago 258926820
Mono Black Aggro jackhu_22 Soldiers 0–2 League Apr 29th 258304797
Mono Black Lurrus _tom More Control 0–2 League Apr 29th 258288019
Mono Black Lurrus pennypincher Red Deck Wins 0–2 League Apr 29th 258287774