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Deck Opponent Opponent's Deck Result Competition Date MTGO Log
J a C lucius_maveric Peer Into Dreams 1–2 League 1 week ago 239999969
J a C marsonfire Elves 2–0 League 2 weeks ago 239937501
J a C shredmorten Izzet 0–2 League 2 weeks ago 239923119
Controlled Burn earterms123 I Don't Know Jac 0–2 League 2 weeks ago 239914851
Controlled Burn coolguy42 Applejacks 0–2 League 2 weeks ago 239914529
Controlled Burn coaxmetal Iced Sushi 2–0 League 2 weeks ago 239900201
Controlled Burn hairyfroglegs Apa Stole It From Smokage and I Made It Worse 1–2 League 2 weeks ago 239896340
Controlled Burn ludwigfrito Mãe Goblin Botou Os Menino Pra Fazer Senai 2–1 League 2 weeks ago 239892063
Burn chilliewrangler Ghalta Nought 2–0 League 2 weeks ago 239868856
Burn piruvato Dimir Mid V0.3 1–2 League 2 weeks ago 239867193
Burn ludwigfrito Get Trembled 2–1 League 2 weeks ago 239847258
Burn cedrikleblanc Rakdos Midrange 1–2 League 2 weeks ago 239846944
Burn chilliewrangler Monke House 2–0 League 2 weeks ago 239846033
Elves zyxus Gruul Hazoret's First Day Storm v 4 2–0 League May 6th 239425929
Elves xaviermp Approach Control 1–2 League May 6th 239425370
Fire Metal wa19 Mono White Heroic 1–2 League May 5th 239394017
Fire Metal eshakez Azorius Control V2.1 2–1 League May 4th 239383864
Fire Metal smpls Legends of Runestorm 0–2 League May 3rd 239352019
Fire Metal adv56 Lvg87's Enigmatic Runes 2–1 League May 3rd 239350751
Fire Metal akselodd Swath Storm 2–0 League May 2nd 239338350
Lands Ascendancy eshakez Azorius Control V2.0 1–2 League May 2nd 239330041
Lands Ascendancy unusualthunder Ad Nauseam 2–0 League May 2nd 239329515
Lands Ascendancy hairyfroglegs Abzan Hero 0–2 League May 2nd 239329061
Lands Ascendancy lvg87 Enigmatic Runes 0–2 League May 2nd 239328714