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Deck Opponent Opponent's Deck Result Competition Date MTGO Log
Mardu Hangover stefangoerke Jujutsu Kaizen 2–0 League Jan 2nd
Mardu Hangover erak_ironside Counters 2–0 League Jan 1st
Another Bobbunny Special earterms123 Ungabunga Dek 2–1 League Dec 25th
Another Bobbunny Special scarigolgari Izzet Tempo 2–1 League Dec 21st
Another Bobbunny Special sushiske Dimir Mindcrank 1–2 League Dec 20th
100 Card Control illevate Flashy Boiz 0–2 League Dec 20th
100 Card Control hairyfroglegs Murpady Blue Affinity 0–2 League Dec 19th
100 Card Control genericgriffin Mono Blue Tempo 0–2 League Dec 19th
100 Card Control plrt Red Deck Wins 1–2 League Dec 19th
100 Card Control gus_the_unglued Dance the Hempen Jig 2–0 League Dec 18th
100 Card Control kirasath Burning Miner (2) 2–0 League Dec 18th
100 Card Control hairyfroglegs Tamahemia 2–0 League Dec 17th
100 Card Control fatherjohn Dimir Mill 2–1 League Dec 17th
100 Card Control murpady 40 Drills 1–2 League Dec 16th
Rakdos Midrange jonny_rogue Gruulicious 0–2 League Dec 15th
Rakdos Midrange schwingzilla Zur's Weirding 2–0 League Dec 15th
Rakdos Midrange hairyfroglegs Infernal Skies 2–0 League Dec 15th
Rakdos Midrange hyugytidx Greenpost 2–0 League Dec 13th
Rakdos Midrange wizzerinus Phylath Bloom 2–0 League Dec 13th
Rakdos Midrange earterms123 Bit Clingy 1–2 League Dec 13th
Rakdos Midrange godsbasement Rakdos Aristocrats 2–0 League Dec 6th
Rakdos Midrange coaxmetal Weird Sushi 0–2 League Dec 5th
Izzet Robots shaffe_ Straight Up Posted 0–2 League Nov 29th 235075005
The Bobbunny Special blue_man7 Grixis Control 2–1 League Nov 29th 235073944
The Bobbunny Special partisan Dirty Gob 2–0 League Nov 28th 235055636
The Bobbunny Special cedrikleblanc Steely 0–2 League Nov 28th 235055333
The Bobbunny Special cookthebook Mono Black 1–2 League Nov 28th 235049819
The Bobbunny Special dtom-lonewolf Hypergenesis 2–0 League Nov 28th 235046485
The Bobbunny Special wizzardofoz Lock Him Up! 2–1 League Nov 28th 235045809
The Bobbunny Special gringop Turbo Fog 18.2 1–2 League Nov 26th 234996769
Rogues Do It cispiollohc Dimir Tendrils 1–2 League Nov 26th 234996408
Rogues Do It richley Dimir Storm 1–2 League Nov 22nd 234911187
Esper Shrines peperjack Azorius Control 2–1 League Oct 18th 233961109
Mardu Hangover coaxmetal Esper Control 1–2 League Oct 18th 233960099
Mardu Hangover fieryfox Mono White Heroic 1–2 League Oct 18th 233955091
Mardu Hangover pepperoni_pizza Steel 2–1 League Oct 18th 233953369
Mardu Hangover yaeli Gruul Ponza 1–2 League Oct 18th 233952991
Izzet Scissors fhelix Blightpox 1–2 League Oct 18th 233948166
Azorius Affinity lvg87 Mill 2–0 League Oct 18th 233947802
Azorius Affinity darkkowboy Pox 2–1 League Oct 17th 233935664
Azorius Affinity juno161 Deez 2–0 League Oct 17th 233935468
Azorius Affinity timetoken21 Dimir Control 1–2 League Oct 17th 233935176
Azorius Affinity hidd0 Red Deck Wins 2–1 League Oct 17th 233934637
Mardu Hangover bakert99 Izzet Delver 2–0 League Oct 7th 233679908
Mardu Hangover pigthatcriedrii Curses 0.4 2–0 League Oct 7th 233679522
Mardu Hangover glendaloc Dredge Return 2–1 League Oct 7th 233679001
Mardu Hangover kevlarscale Azorius Control 2–0 League Oct 6th 233655299
Mardu Hangover fontz Esper Control 2–0 League Oct 6th
Orzhov Rising cptajani Mono Red Affinity 2–1 League Oct 5th 233633652
Orzhov Rising robian Oriss Vat-Lue Town 2–1 League Oct 5th 233631026
Orzhov Rising whitepresenix777 Dimir Artifact Payoffs 0–2 League Oct 5th 233630885
Mardu Hangover charonimus Gorgeous Tog 2–0 League Oct 5th 233617915
Mardu Hangover yellowvanblake Mono Black Control 2–1 League Oct 4th 233611611
Mardu Hangover tealbaron Tendies 2–1 League Oct 4th 233602635
Mardu Hangover symnage Simic Arboria 2–0 League Oct 4th 233602180
Mardu Hangover tealbaron Tendies 0–2 League Oct 4th 233597221
Dredge fratmank94 Elf Cloud 0.4 0–2 League Oct 4th 233596862
Dredge ilikedmyname Orzhov Babies 0–2 League Oct 4th 233596773
Dredge luck_dragon Tutelage 2–0 League Oct 4th 233594404
Mardu Hangover gssoccer Tutelage 0–2 League Oct 4th 233593972
Mardu Hangover warmbananabread Affinity 1.1 1–2 League Oct 4th 233593266
Mardu Hangover samswiftsword Pennyanimator 2–0 League Oct 3rd 233579466
Mardu Hangover mrform Infect 2–0 League Oct 3rd 233579053
Mardu Hangover warmbananabread Affinity 2–1 League Oct 3rd 233572204
Mardu Hangover pigmax Cloudpost 2–0 League Oct 3rd 233570422
Mardu Hangover frajic Mr Owlbama Please Howl Me 2–1 League Oct 3rd 233565301
Mardu Hangover potatodestroyer Red Deck Wins 1–2 League Oct 3rd
Mardu Hangover charonimus Incubator Post 0–2 League Oct 3rd 233564887