Penny Dreadful Magic

What Is Penny Dreadful?

  • An MTGO-only format featuring cards like Treasure Cruise, Hymn to Tourach and Hermit Druid, and over 8000 more.
  • The cheapest Magic format ever played. Every deck in the format costs less than a dollar.
  • A brewer's paradise. A card pool nearly as big as Modern with gems (and jank) waiting to be discovered.
  • A diverse format with countless different archetypes. Winners of past tournaments include Reanimator, Red Deck Wins, Heroic, Aristocrats, Demonic Rising, Abzan Midrange, Elves, Grenzo Combo, Dragon Control and Vampires in one season alone.
  • An online community with its own lively Discord, subreddit and multiple weekly tournaments. Join us!


Penny Dreadful Magic is a site for everything to do with the Penny Dreadful Magic: the Gathering format.

Penny Dreadful Magic is run by the folks from Penny Dreadful Tools. Feel free to open an issue for a problem or feature request.


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