Penny Dreadful Magic

Penny Dreadful

A Magic Online format featuring cards like Tendrils of Agony, Hypergenesis, Hermit Druid, and over 10,000 more.

The cheapest format ever played. Every deck in the format costs less than a dollar.

A brewer's paradise. A card pool nearly as big as Modern with gems (and jank) waiting to be discovered.

A diverse format with countless different archetypes. Winners of past tournaments include Reanimator, Red Deck Wins, Heroic, Aristocrats, Demonic Rising, Abzan Midrange, Elves, Grenzo Combo, Dragon Control and Vampires in one season alone.

Tons of organized play. Four weekly tournaments and an ongoing league competition.

A friendly online community with its own lively Discord, subreddit and multiple weekly tournaments. Join us!