Penny Dreadful Magic

League Details

Each participant will compete in 5 matches, each against a different opponent.

Players are highly encouraged to play their matches against others whose records match their own, but it is not required.

Each league lasts roughly 1 month. The current league will run until November 1st. Signing up in the middle of the league does not adversely affect your ability to participate in the league.

Decklists must remain the same throughout each separate 5 match run, but you can change decks before starting a new run. You may only have one run going at once.

If you don't want to finish a league run message !retire to PDBot on MTGO and your run will end.

The league tracking signup system includes a decklist legality verification system.

In order for this to work correctly, decklists must be in a compatible format.

To do this, export your deck from MTGO in a .txt file, then copy and past the contents of that file into the sign up sheet.

To export your deck, right click on the name of the deck on the left of the Collection tab, then click export. Don't forget to change the file format to .txt before saving.

After each match, at least one player must report the results of the match.

Make sure you have the right deck name for both you and your opponent's decks before submitting.


The Perfect Run Reward

The first five (5) perfect (5-0 record) finishers on each month will get one (1) tix each. A player can get multiple tixs on this category, only if they are using different deck for each of the perfect runs.

The judgement of a deck to be said as "different deck" will be determined by league moderators.

The Top Players Reward

At the end of each month, the top four (4) players of that month’s league scoreboard will get tix reward (3-2-1-1).

For each match you won, you get one (1) point. For each perfect (5-0) run you have, you get additional one (1) point.

There is no limitation of how many runs you are allowed to do.

Finding a match

  • The easiest way to find a match to to simply play PD games with your league deck. PDBot will alert you if both players are registered in league.
  • For a more organized approach, you can find opponents through the #league channel on discord.

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