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Season Cards Background
12 ['Aether Hub', 'Siege Rhino', 'Greater Good', "Mind's Desire", "God-Pharaoh's Gift", 'Kiln Fiend', 'Akroma, Angel of Wrath', 'Reanimate'] Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary✨
13 ['Day of Judgment', 'Mana Leak', 'Duress', 'Rampaging Ferocidon', 'Evolutionary Leap', 'Gavony Township', 'Ephemerate', 'Dig Through Time', 'Lake of the Dead', 'Soulherder'] Fact or Fiction
14 ['Gitaxian Probe', "Orim's Chant", 'Dark Ritual', 'Chain Lightning', 'Channel', 'Gush', 'Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary', 'Laboratory Maniac'] God-Pharaoh's Statue
15 ['Mana Leak', 'Burst Lightning', 'Evolving Wilds', 'Growth Spiral', 'Arboreal Grazer', 'Cauldron Familiar', 'Deathless Knight'] Crackling Drake
16 ['Dark Ritual', 'Mana Leak', 'Chain Lightning', 'Evolving Wilds', 'Birds of Paradise', 'Fumigate', 'Magister of Worth'] Figure of Destiny
17 ['Mana Leak', 'Birds of Paradise', 'Chain Lightning', 'Mystic Sanctuary', 'Heartless Act', 'Drown in the Loch', 'Growth Spiral'] Dauntless Bodyguard
18 ['Ponder', 'Hymn to Tourach', 'Chain Lightning', 'Sunken Ruins', 'Vindicate', 'Birds of Paradise', 'Day of Judgment'] Drown in the Loch
19 ["Bloodchief's Thirst", 'Counterspell', 'Chain Lightning', 'Birds of Paradise', 'Glacial Fortress', 'Vindicate', 'Shatter the Sky'] Dream Trawler
20 ['Ponder', "Arcum's Astrolabe", 'Chain Lightning', "Bloodchief's Thirst", "Mishra's Factory", 'Day of Judgment', 'Bala Ged Recovery'] Vindicate
21 ["Council's Judgment", 'Ponder', 'Hymn to Tourach', 'Faithless Looting', 'Birds of Paradise', 'Dream Trawler', "Arcum's Astrolabe"] Drowned Catacomb✨
23 ["Council's Judgment", 'Counterspell', 'Recurring Nightmare', 'Monastery Swiftspear', 'Channel', 'Meddling Mage', "Arcum's Astrolabe"] Adarkar Wastes✨
24 ['Ponder', 'Burst Lightning', 'Sulfur Falls', "Bloodchief's Thirst", 'Vindicate', 'Oust', 'Sylvan Library'] Kitchen Finks✨
25 ['Ponder', 'Hymn to Tourach', 'Chain Lightning', 'Glacial Fortress', 'Birds of Paradise', 'Bloodbraid Elf', 'Wrath of God'] Vindicate
26 ['Ponder', "Bloodchief's Thirst", "Arcum's Astrolabe", 'Caves of Koilos', 'Burst Lightning', 'Timeless Witness', 'Day of Judgment'] Tidehollow Sculler
27 ['Ponder', 'Thran Portal', 'Dark Ritual', 'Burst Lightning', 'Oust', 'Dream Trawler', 'Birds of Paradise'] Bloodbraid Elf
28 ['Ponder', "Bloodchief's Thirst", 'Isolated Chapel', 'Dryad Militant', 'Wrath of God', 'Vindicate', 'Burst Lightning'] Birds of Paradise✨
29 ['Ponder', 'Dark Ritual', 'Chain Lightning', "Arcum's Astrolabe", 'Caves of Koilos', 'Wrath of God', 'Vindicate'] Dryad Militant✨
30 ['Thran Portal', 'Chain Lightning', 'Mana Leak', 'Cut Down', 'Wrath of God', 'Birds of Paradise', 'Kaya, Ghost Assassin'] Dream Trawler
31 ['Isolated Chapel', 'Damn', 'Vindicate', 'Memory Lapse', 'Burst Lightning', 'Spirited Companion', 'Birds of Paradise'] Deathrite Shaman