Penny Dreadful Magic


Colors Name Person Record Top 8 Date Season
0 active league runs
★★★ Red Deck Wins emerald000 6–0–1 May 1st S4
★★ Dimir Control dragonas77 5–1–1 May 1st S4
★★ Not Mine stash86 3–2–1 May 1st S4
★★ Drake Nightmare 13eakers 4–2 May 1st S4
Jund Like It's 2010 ashamael 2–3 May 1st S4
Mono White Heroicseason 4) metalatog 3–2 May 1st S4S3
Mono Black Servitude kazaxat 2–2–1 May 1st S4
Izzet Control V2 mathguy31415 3–1 May 1st S4
Red Deck Wins chaosblackdoom 2–2 May 1st S4
Reanimator hexalite 2–2 May 1st S4
I Can't Believe It's Still Allies! silasary 2–2 May 1st S4
Dimir Demons cl3m 2–2 May 1st S4
Demonic Rising rykerboy 2–2 May 1st S4
Totally Still Playing Storm briar_moss 2–2 May 1st S4
Gruul Ramp manicinsomniac 2–2 May 1st S4
Jund greedy00010 2–1 May 1st S4
Boros Gold tinytim123 1–3 May 1st S6S4
Flight of the Dragons that1guy3 1–3 May 1st S4
Rock Infect jackslagel 1–3 May 1st S4
Simic Madness deamos 1–3 May 1st S4S2
Villainous Wealth corporat 0–4 May 1st S4
Mono White Unclassified bdgp009 0–2 May 1st
Feed the Walls ctctreno May 1st