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Colors Name Person Record Top 8 Date
★★★ Orzhov Aristocrats bakert99 6–1 Jul 15th
★★ Fissure Post swahili 5–2 Jul 15th
★★ Run Like Hell mandrakata 3–3 Jul 15th
★★ Simic Vat crazybaloth 5–1 Jul 15th
Pds9 Red Deck Wins nighthawk521 4–1 Jul 15th
Venom serazahr 3–2 Jul 15th
Indulgent Aristocrat Vampires mrsad 3–2 Jul 15th
Living Death thundershot899 3–2 Jul 15th
Dimir Living Death V1.1 maelstrom197 2–2 Jul 15th
Pdreanimator j000111 2–2 Jul 15th
Madness freemasons 2–2 Jul 15th
Dimir Something briar_moss 2–2 Jul 15th
Vampires jackslagel 2–2 Jul 15th
Red Deck Wins ttacocatt 2–2 Jul 15th
Red Deck Wins kenjijoe 1–2 Jul 15th
Post brainlesss96 1–3 Jul 15th
Aury but Stiched For sami8s 1–2 Jul 15th
Vampires flexo 1–3 Jul 15th
Cloudpost trevor3693 1–1 Jul 15th
Mono Blue Cloudpost j_meka 1–3 Jul 15th
Deck -Naya Approach ar13mis 1–3 Jul 15th
Red Deck Wins cat-o-nine-tails 1–0 Jul 15th
Grixis Death kph1904 0–1 Jul 15th
Dimir Emerge 2: Electric Boogaloo mrbacanudo 0–2 Jul 15th
Abzan Midrange shadow438 0–1 Jul 15th
Pds9 Burn Deck Wins back_alley_g 0–2 Jul 15th

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