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Penny Dreadful. The ultra-budget, 10,000-card Magic Online brewer's paradise with powerful cards, five free weekly tournaments, free 24/7 league, prizes, quarterly rotations, and a super friendly community.

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Creatures 30

Spells 7

Lands 23

Sideboard 15

Mana Costs

3.68 average


Competition Record Top 8 OMW
★★ APAC Penny Dreadful Sundays 7.04 3–2 58%
Round Result Versus Opponent
1 2–0 Izzet Control lionrafa
2 1–2 Mindcrank Combo jgabrielygalan
3 2–0 Hyper Selesnyajank narfnra
4 2–0 Big Temur pseudodude
SF 1–2 Mono Green Brutal isacneto57


Wild Pair is not currently Penny Dreadful legal.


Original name: Wild Pair