Penny Dreadful Magic

Creatures 23

Spells 15

Lands 22

Sideboard 15

Mana Costs

3.71 average

Similar Decks

Colors Name Person Source Record Top 8 Date Similarity Season
Ghoul Dredge diesirae Gatherling 0–1 Dec 7th 100% S6
Ghoul Dredge aculalhazred Gatherling 2–3 Nov 19th 84% S6
Ghoul Dredge X aculalhazred League 1–4 Nov 20th 78% S6
Ascendant Bazaar aculalhazred League 4–1 Nov 15th 56% S6
Madbaz peleg63 Gatherling 0–2 Nov 30th 50% S6
Bazaar Madness aculalhazred League 3–2 Nov 15th 50% S6
Bazaar Ghouls aikitim League 1–4 Nov 10th 50% S6
Madness of the Bazaar aikitim League 4–1 Nov 7th 50% S6
Ghoul Dredge aculalhazred League 0–5 Nov 16th 44% S6
This Is My 'Yard kaios26 League 1–3 Nov 9th 44% S6
Dimir Madness ksk0601 League 3–2 Nov 5th 44% S6
Dimir Graves killstealking MTG Goldfish Nov 5th 44% S6
Drg ksk0601 League 3–2 1 week ago 22% S7
Allied to Allies roma League 2–3 Nov 19th 22% S6
Esper Allies ribbonsofnight League 4–1 Nov 19th 22% S6
Tog willage MTG Goldfish May 18th 22% S4


Ghoul Dredge is not currently Penny Dreadful legal.