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Crushing Canopy


# Decks Record Win % 5–0s
15 23–25 47.9 1

Most Commonly Played With


Crushing Canopy is currently Penny Dreadful legal.

  • Penny Dreadful
  • Penny Dreadful DOM (Season 8)
  • Penny Dreadful RIX (Season 7)
  • Penny Dreadful XLN (Season 6)
  • Vintage
  • Legacy
  • Modern
  • Standard
  • Commander
  • Brawl

Decks containing Crushing Canopy

Colors Name Person Source Record Top 8 Date
Ramp flac0 Gatherling 1–3 Aug 12th
Rampdido Number 2 (Point 1) flac0 League 0–2 Aug 4th
Mono Green icobalt League 4–1 Aug 4th
Eldrazi Green Ramp g_wiz Gatherling 1–2 Aug 2nd
Temur Landfall shzam League 0–2 Jul 30th
★★ Mono Green nitiyoubi League 5–0 Jul 27th
Rampdido Number 2 flac0 League 1–1 Jul 21st
Aki Jp aki_jp League 0–1 Jul 17th
Rampdido flac0 League 3–2 Jul 16th
Approach nzw173 League 1–1 Jul 15th
Approach nzw173 League 2–3 Jul 15th
5c Bringer nzw173 League 0–3 Jul 14th
5c Bringer nzw173 League 0–2 Jul 14th
5c Bringer nzw173 League 1–1 Jul 14th
Golgari Nightmare takeonman League 4–1 Jul 13th