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# Decks Record Win % 5–0s
18 24–36 40.0 3

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This deck is currently Penny Dreadful legal.

  • Penny Dreadful
  • Penny Dreadful M19 (Season 9)
  • Vintage
  • Legacy
  • Modern
  • Commander
  • 1v1
  • Duel

Decks containing Evacuation

Colors Name Person Archetype Source Record Top 8 Date
2 active league runs
Izzet Control Combo yellowvanblake Izzet Control League 1–1 2 weeks ago
Crusade Storm 1.0 crusaders_of_memes Combo League 0–3 3 weeks ago
Simic Turns swahili Midrange League 1–2 Feb 20th
Dragonstorm j_meka Dragonstorm League 1–3 Feb 19th
Control Toert crusaders_of_memes Dynavolt Tower League 1–3 Feb 15th
Iz-It-Tower-Control crusaders_of_memes Dynavolt Tower Gatherling 0–2 Feb 14th
Iz It Tower Control forgetti Dynavolt Tower League 4–1 Feb 14th
Pickles crusaders_of_memes Pickles Gatherling 1–3 Feb 9th
Pickles crusaders_of_memes Pickles Gatherling 2–2 Feb 9th
Pickles crusaders_of_memes Pickles League 1–0 Feb 9th
Dragon Storm carpepacem Dragonstorm League 0–3 Feb 4th
Dragonstorm j_meka Dragonstorm Gatherling 2–2 Feb 2nd
Energy Aggro-Control bakert99 Aggro-Control Gatherling 3–2 Feb 2nd
Pro-Life-Rate 4423 Midrange League 0–5 Jan 28th
Conjecture kwww Combo MTG Goldfish Jan 26th
Pickles lvg87 Pickles League 4–1 Jan 26th