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Summer Bloom


# Decks Record Win % 5–0s
37 48–76 38.7 1

Most Commonly Played With


This deck is currently Penny Dreadful legal.

  • Penny Dreadful
  • Penny Dreadful AER (Season 3)
  • Penny Dreadful KLD (Season 2)
  • Vintage
  • Legacy
  • Modern
  • Commander
  • 1v1
  • Duel

Decks containing Summer Bloom

Colors Name Person Archetype Source Record Top 8 Date
Sultai Lands eshakez Midrange League 0–1 2 weeks ago
Temur Lands hairyfroglegs Midrange League 1–4 4 weeks ago
Gates dshamila Five Color Control MTG Goldfish Mar 26th
Temur Lands hairyfroglegs Midrange MTG Goldfish Mar 24th
Jund Lands V5 jenkin5630 Jund League 4–1 Mar 21st
Jund Lands V4 jenkin5630 Jund League 1–4 Mar 20th
Jund Lands V4 jenkin5630 Jund League 4–1 Mar 19th
Jund Lands V3 jenkin5630 Jund League 0–1 Mar 19th
Scarecrow chumpblocckami Five Color Control League 3–2 Mar 18th
Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor chumpblocckami Five Color Control League 1–0 Mar 18th
Jund Lands V2 jenkin5630 Jund League 2–1 Mar 18th
Jund Lands jenkin5630 Jund League 4–1 Mar 18th
Struggle Bus of Freedom jaycearveduin Midrange Gatherling 0–2 Mar 17th
Aggro Loam pcccp Midrange League 4–1 Mar 16th
Dune Bloom eternalparadox38 Midrange League 1–2 Mar 14th
Lands jenkin5630 Midrange League 3–2 Mar 13th
Naya Bloom eternalparadox38 Naya Midrange League 1–4 Mar 13th
Summer Retreat dshamila Ramp MTG Goldfish Mar 10th
Crusade Storm 1.0 crusaders_of_memes Combo League 0–3 Feb 28th
Treefolks leoking Treefolk League 1–1 Feb 25th
Mono Green Treefolk rakura Treefolk Gatherling 1–2 Feb 24th
★★ Mono Green rakura Treefolk Gatherling 3–2 Feb 23rd
Simic Turns swahili Midrange Gatherling 2–2 Feb 21st
Turns swahili Midrange League 1–2 Feb 21st
Summer Summit lvg87 Five Color Control League 0–3 Feb 16th
Lands bakert99 Midrange League 4–1 Feb 6th
Gates agent_toothpick Midrange League 1–4 Feb 4th
No White People Storm aniceberg Storm League 0–4 Jan 29th
V 4 Dragonstorm erburk Dragonstorm League 1–3 Jan 27th
V-3 Dragonstorm juno161 Dragonstorm League 0–4 Jan 27th
V 3 Dragonstorm erburk Dragonstorm League 3–2 Jan 26th
Dragonstorm caterpower Dragonstorm League 0–2 Jan 26th
Dragonstorm V2 erburk Dragonstorm League 1–3 Jan 26th
Dragonstorm Draft 1 erburk Dragonstorm League 1–0 Jan 26th
Ssssssssssss aniceberg Ramp Gatherling 0–4 Jan 26th
Ssssssssssss aniceberg Ramp League 0–2 Jan 26th
Tendrils aniceberg Sultai Tendrils League 0–5 Jan 25th