Penny Dreadful Magic


Penny Dreadful Monday is in 1 day, 4 hours.

日付 トーナメント リーグ

Penny Dreadful Mondays

7pm Eastern

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League February 2018



Penny Dreadful Thursdays

7pm Eastern

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Penny Dreadful Saturdays

1:30pm Eastern

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APAC Penny Dreadful Sundays

6pm Australian Eastern

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Penny Dreadful Sundays

1:30pm Eastern

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There are five weekly Penny Dreadful tournaments sponsored by Cardhoarder and hosted on They are all free to enter and offer prizes. Be sure to also check out the league for a play-when-you-like competition.

Each tournament series has a leaderboard for the season with prizes for Top 8 finishers.

Joining a Tournament

Number of Rounds

Players Swiss Knockout
2 0 1 (single elim)
3-4 0 2
5-7 0 3
8 3 2 (top 4)
9-15 4 2
16-31 4 3 (top 8)
32+ 5 3


Finish Prize
1st 4 tix
2nd 3 tix
3rd 2 tix
4th 2 tix
5th 1 tix
6th 1 tix
7th 1 tix
8th 1 tix

Prizes from our sponsor Cardhoarder in credit. Prizes will be credited within a few days of the Friday following the tournament.

Magic Onlineのバグ

Penny Dreadfulでは、バグがあるカードのプレイは以下の条件で認められています。

  • ゲームが壊れてしまうバグがあるカードをプレイしてはいけません。例外は、多人数戦でのみバグが発生するカードです。
  • 不利なバグがあるカードをプレイしてもよく、特別な規定が適用されることはありません。対戦しているプレイヤーには、そのカードを正しく機能したかのように扱う義務はありません。
  • 有利なバグがあるカードをプレイしてもよいですが、故意にバグを発生させて有利になる行為は失格となります。
  • 有利なバグがあるカードによって、故意ではない何らかの形で有利になった場合、バグが発生したカードのオーナー側のゲームロスとします。

Example of Game Loss: Playing Living Lore with two cards in graveyard and opponent removes one at instant speed with a card from their hand forcing the Living Lore player to imprint a split card.

Second example of Game Loss: Playing Profane Command using the mode that targets an opponent. Opponent plays Gilded Light in response.

Example of Disqualification: Playing Living Lore and intentionally choosing a split card from a stocked graveyard to get an oversized Living Lore.

In the case where a bugged interaction only becomes known to a player during a competitive match, at the TO's discretion, a game loss or match loss may be imposed rather than a disqualification.

The game loss should be enacted by the bugged cards controller conceding the game.

Any confusion should be discussed with the Tournament Organizer before conceding the game or ending the match, on the bugged card player's clock.

When a new bug is encountered for the first time (does not appear at ) during a competitive match both players may agree to play on.

If either player does not agree the player with the bugged cards must swap out the bugged cards (only) from their decklist, restart the match, players concede games in the correct order until the record matches the record before the bugged game. Sideboarding then takes place if it was not game 1 and the rest of the match plays out.

For all these matters the Tournament Organizer has the flexibility to rule as they see fit and their decision is final.

List of all known bugged cards

Other Notes

If a player starts a sideboarded game with less than 60 cards (quite possible due to a known Magic Online bug) and either player notices before the end of turn 2 and either player wants to restart the game, the game will be restarted. The result of any game played beyond turn 2 with less than 60 cards in maindeck will stand.

Matches should use 25 minute timers.